Through the microscope and beyond

Anne has spent a lot of the past few years playing at the edge of the barely visible. Her research was punctuated with cartoon style pictures to visualise the things that our eyes or even microscopes cannot detect, to draw analogies with the world on the scale we know and understand. Her interests range from anything that is between 1 Angstrom and 1 mm in size.

Anne was born in Germany, studied in the UK and stopped over in Switzerland for a while and has now settled down in Belfast. Anne has spent a few months in a Covid testing lab and is now working for a pharmaceutical company.


If there is something you want me to write about, please leave a comment.


About the title image:

This image was taken during a project, which involved introducing an m-cherry protein (which fluoresces red) into E.coli bacteria. The idea of this and many similar experiments is to mark one of two strains with a colour, and use it to evaluate how the two strains interact.

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